Writing Tips
How to write a headline.
How to write about yourself.
How to write your first email to someone.

How to write a headline.

• The more interesting the headline, the more intriguing your profile will be
• Approach it lightheartedly
• Provide a hint of who you are and what you like
• It's great to be clever, but it's more important to be clear
• Consider these examples:

  1. CPA seeks someone to plus his life
  2. Single mom looking to double date
  3. Tennis player ready for love match

How to write about yourself.

• Be honest
• Ask a friend how he or she would describe you
• Include things like hobbies, music, and sports you enjoy
• Describe your appearance
• Write down what you're looking for in a relationship
• Think about what you're doing when you're happiest

How to write your first e-mail to someone.

• Again, be honest.
• Approach it with a sense of adventure
• Ask questions that would be both fun and revealing to answer like "If you could sit next to anyone for dinner, who would it be?"
• Describe your day, what you do for fun, and what your personal and professional goals are
• Talk about things you enjoy

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